Looking back over 41 weeks

UVM made a major switch from print to electronic journal subscriptions in early 2006. After several months of a team effort to register and confirm access to these new subscriptions, I officially stepped into the role of Online Access Assistance Coordinator in May 2006. The first few weeks were spent recombining and reorganizing the team’s registration lists (in various states of completion), which became my responsibility to complete. Our team had approached the list alphabetically, and it had become apparent that a more effective use of my time would be to work through the 1,137 titles by publisher.

The first few months of the team’s effort were, understandably, complicated by our unfamiliarity with the different registration processes, kinds of access (all available years, all subscribed content, rolling coverage), and methods of access (IP authentication, un/pw). My colleagues arranged for a meeting with EBSCO representatives in June, and I came away with a better understanding of how to use their products to the fullest. The addition of products like Registration Tracker have helped us by providing much of the necessary registration information (instructions, coverage descriptions, access models) that previously had to request from our EBSCO customer service representative.

The registration process is ongoing, and that list of 2006 subscriptions is still with us, though with far fewer holes to fill in. We also have a much smaller list of titles switched to online in 2007 to register and confirm. Many of the problems I encounter as I work through my share of the remaining 2006 titles (now divided among our smaller E-Resources Management Team) are related to access and authentication: mainly, titles which do not allow IP access and subscriptions intended for single-user access only. As I encounter these situations, both in the registration process and in my role as lead troubleshooter for patron/staff access problems, I will post descriptions, observations, and resolutions. This “e-resource journal” is the new format for my 41-week-old handwritten journal (i.e. brief notes), which I anticipate will be a more manageable tool for keeping track of my experiences, ongoing problems, new discoveries, and strange sightings in the world of e-resource maintenance.

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