EBSCO MARC records – HBR

The batch load has arrived, or the batch has been loaded; either way, the MARC records are in. That means it’s time for me to review all of the changes I made to the A-to-Z list in the past month (or two, thanks to EBSCO working in arrears). I print screenshots of the changes to holdings, coverage, etc. and save them in a folder for the next load.

This time I’ve noticed a problem. For the past two months, the changes I made to the coverage for Harvard Business Review haven’t stuck in the catalog. Our coverage ended in May 2005, which I changed using the Collection Editor custom coverage feature. The coverage appears just fine in our A-to-Z list, but it has yet to be included in the MARC records. For the past two months I’ve added this information to the MARC record (because the old record is overlaid with every batch load). But now it’s time to contact EBSCO’s A-to-Z Feedback, because something is wrong on their end. This is the first time my custom coverage hasn’t stuck after the one-to-two month wait.

Update 4/27/07: This update deserves its own post.

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