Ambio and firewall settings

A few patrons reported problems accessing the journal Ambio. After confirming that our IP ranges were correctly on file, the publisher’s rep suggested that it might be the patrons’ firewall settings. I passed this information along to the patrons and encouraged them to contact the UVM computer helpdesk. Noticing that the reporting reference librarian (reporting officer? ha ha) had the same problem, I tried to access the journal on a couple of the student terminals here on the first floor. Same problem, same error message:

Your request to view the full-text or print version of an article requires a subscription to this journal.

I reported this to my systems colleagues. This kind of situation doesn’t come up very often (and hadn’t yet impacted library terminals), so I thought it would be a good reminder that sometimes the problem is with the machine.

Update 3/28/07: Before my systems colleagues fix the library computers’ firewall settings, I thought it would be helpful post an “End User Access Note” stating:

Trouble accessing this journal? Adjust your computer’s firewall settings.

Update 5/19/07: We’re still having trouble with accessing articles, and my systems colleagues are quite sure it’s an Ambio/Allen Press problem. I’ve been in contact with people at Allen Press, but the information they provided didn’t resolve anything.

We can’t access articles using VPN or even from library computers within the network. A couple of us can get to it from our offices, but we haven’t done anything special to our settings. Our IP ranges have been confirmed, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem on our end because this isn’t happening with any other titles. I sent another message to the rep at Allen Press to ask that their tech support staff take a closer look.

Update 5/21/07: I received a call from a representative at Allen Press. She said one of our IP ranges (our primary one) was entered incorrectly, but I disagree that it’s going to fix the problem. When people have to correct our ranges, it’s generally to switch the start range from .1 to .0 or the end range from .0 to .255. However, that won’t make a difference here because the working and non-working ranges are in the middle of the range, not at those extremes. Unless Allen press entered my computer’s specific IP address as the only “range” for our university, I can’t see how updating the IP range is going to fix the problem.

Update 5/22/07: Wow. I called it. They entered my computer’s IP address as the range for the whole university.

I noticed the site still wasn’t working this morning, so I spoke to a technical support staff member at Allen Press. She was able to read to me their list of our IP ranges (the first time any of them have been able to do that for me, even though months ago they “confirmed” our ranges) and I spotted the error. I can’t believe after all of this time, the thing that was holding us up was such a bizarre interpretation of our IP ranges.

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