Content Exclusion

One of EBSCO’s EJS features is Content Exclusion, which gives us control over which EJS resources are available to our patrons. I’ve found it helpful in several cases when I need to remove access to subscriptions that have been cancelled (often when the subscription goes back to print, or a publisher changes).

I’m working on one such case now, where I’m removing access to Experimental Mechanics (Sage) because it is no longer available through Sage. I’m working with an EBSCO rep because I want to retain the EJS access to Experimental Mechanics (Springer), and I seem to keep removing the wrong title. Experimental Mechanics, like several other titles, is listed twice because of a change in publisher; the problem lies in the fact that neither lists the publisher, so I must keep removing the wrong one. I’ve suggested adding publisher names as a possible future enhancement.

I try to deduce which is Springer and which is Sage, but I don’t know which logic to follow. Alphabetically, Sage should be the first listing, and the one I should remove; it’s also listed first in the Title Wizard (an EBSCO A-to-Z product). But after the nightly EBSCO update, our Springer AND Sage access was gone. So Springer must be the first, and Sage the second. I switched them around today, and I’ll check on it in the morning. If that doesn’t work I’ll restore them both, see if Sage comes back on, and ask the EBSCO rep to help me. The great thing about Content Exclusion is that I can do this kind of maintenance without asking EBSCO to be involved (benefits: it happens more quickly, it’s more efficient), but in this case it may require their help.

Update 3/6/07: I picked the right one yesterday, and last night’s EBSCO update kept our Springer link in, Sage link out.

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