Learning more about coverage

You learn something new every day, and today I learned how EBSCO figures (and lists) our access for journals.

One of our titles, Armed Forces and Society, has two listings in A-to-Z because of a publisher change in 2005. The record for the previous publisher says that our access is “to present”, even though nothing past 2005 is available via those links. Even Title Wizard indicates that access ends in 2005, but our patrons would think that they can access the most recent issues.

Because we still have a current subscription to this journal, the holdings information for EJS will continue to say “to present”. According to the EBSCO representative who replied to my inquiry,

EJS does not take into consideration that coverage for this journal ended in 2005.

So a current subscription overrides the actual holdings, even though we can’t actually access more issues via that record. But:

There is an enhancement planned that will cause EJS to consider the coverage dates for a journal when calculating Your Access.

Hooray for enhancements! Until then, our patrons hit a dead end, and they may not think to check the other electronic resource record. To remedy that, I’ve added an “End User Access Note” to the earlier publisher’s record that direct our patrons to the other record:

“The most recent issues are available via other electronic record for this title.”

I might play around a bit with the wording on that note. I’m glad to have a better understanding of the coverage dates so that I can better interpret this information to resolve troubleshooting problems. If this comes up again, I can spend less time tracking down the problem and get back to the patron more quickly.

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