Holy MARC Updates, Batman!

Last week we received notification that our MARC Updates files were available. I thought it seemed a bit early in the month to receive them, but didn’t think anything of it… until we got a second notification a few days later. According to my colleague in systems, it is indeed a different file. Strange.

Yesterday, we received a third notification. I wrote back to EBSCO to inquire about what’s going on. This morning, I noticed the fourth notification arrived yesterday evening.

Is this happening to anyone else? Perhaps it’s isolated. In any event, I’ll post EBSCO’s response/explanation as soon as they write back.

Update 3/29/07:
From the EBSCO (EAMS) Customer Care:

Yesterday, we experienced procedural problems that may have resulted in your receiving multiple e-mails regarding your MARC Updates. This issue is now corrected. Thank you for your patience.

That explains the third and fourth notices, but what about the second notice? Same issue? Hmm.

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