Gale URL problem resolved

The latest MARC records from EBSCO have been imported, and it looks like an ongoing problem with Gale URLs has been resolved.

For a while I’d had trouble accessing Gale Group Professional Collection resources; the links would bring me to a page that said “No results matching your Journal Title search were found. Try a more general search term for this journal.” Apparently the section of the URL that contained our database ID had not been updated. As an EBSCO rep explained to me in a 7/13/06 email:

This would be a situation where Gale is using a customized URL for you. You will notice that A-to-Z is using database ID [that does not match] your URL. This is the major thing that is causing a problem because this is [a] customized URL and various customers are different. A-to-Z has to provide the default URL so we cannot change this to your specific URL. We are working on an enhancement that will help with this issue…

Until the enhancement appeared (this month), I had to ask a colleague in systems to fix them by changing one digit in the URL every month after the new records were imported. Those days are over! Now there’s a nice little code in each URL that says “[[gale.customcode.profco]]” (take a look the 856 field for journal EMediaweekly in our catalog). I presume this uses my IP address to identify our customer code.

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