Making EBSCO better

I appreciate how receptive the EBSCO folks are to suggestions for improvements to their administration tools. Suggestions are considered for future “enhancements” (EBSCO’s term for improvements), and every once in a while I see something that I (and likely many other customers) suggested has been applied.

Yesterday I was extremely happy to see two such changes to the Title Wizard in the A-to-Z Administrator site. I emailed EBSCO in January:

The “Find” box in the Title Wizard is quite short– it would be great if it could be extended to show more characters (making the editing of typos etc. easier to do).

Also, this is the only section of the site that I’ve found that won’t “Search” by hitting my keyboard’s Enter key; instead, I have to click “Search” with my mouse (or Tab over and press Enter). Every other text box I’ve used in EBSCO allows this keystroke (Collection Editor, Registration Tracker, EBSCONET, etc.), and it would be very helpful if this page behaved the same way as all of the others by letting us use our keyboard’s “Enter” key to submit information.

To clarify, the problem with the Enter key was only in Firefox, which I use because I love working in tabs. (My Windows 2000 can’t run the new version of IE that uses tabs.) As a temporary fix, I downloaded a Firefox extension that opens IE tabs in Firefox, allowing me to use the Enter key and still keep all my tabs in one window. Fortunately, the new enhancement fixed both the Enter issue and added a longer search bar.

I hope fellow EBSCO customers will continue to send their suggestions to the EBSCO staff (I use EAMSfeedback at EBSCO dot com). Our feedback will make these resources more efficient for our e-resource management work.

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