EBSCO won’t add Z Magazine to A-to-Z list

I emailed an EBSCO rep about adding a title to the A-to-Z list. Usually I do this for non-EBSCO subscriptions so we can get non-EBSCO access, but this is a rare case where something we subscribe to via EBSCO isn’t yet listed in the A-to-Z list. The reply from EBSCO:

A EJS link will not be added to A-to-Z on this title, because this titles cannot be accessed through EJS. The title password cannot be shared and they do not offer IP authentication, so it does not qualify for EJS access.

OK, we’ll return to print if they don’t offer IP authentication. But this still seems wrong. We’re paying EBSCO, so they should make an EBSCOhost EJS link, even if it only leads to the publisher’s site. I’ve removed lots of EBSCOhost EJS links using Content Exclusion because the publisher doesn’t allow IP authentication and we return the subscription to print, but there were EBSCOhost EJS links for these titles. My response:

Shouldn’t there still be an EBSCO EJS link in the A-to-Z list for this title? While I understand that some journals don’t qualify for “Available on EJS” access for the reasons you listed, there are numerous cases like this that still have EBSCO EJS links in the A-to-Z list with only an “Available on Publisher’s Site” link. Here are some examples:

Atlantic Monthly
Career Network
Energy Journal
Middle Matters

I’m curious why EBSCO won’t add an EJS record to the A-to-Z. New policy? Misunderstanding? I’ll update this post when I receive a reply.

Update 4/12/07, 9:00 a.m.:
The EBSCO rep replied that the examples I gave (above)

are publisher hosted journals and do not have an note added that says “the title password cannot be shared”, however the Z Magazine does have this added note.

Well, you learn something new every day. However, I still think that’s not the whole story, because I know some examples of non-password-sharing, non-EJS-content titles that still have EBSCO links in the A-to-Z list (I’ve removed them myself). My response:

I know I’ve removed EBSCOhost EJS links for titles that didn’t allow password sharing and had no EJS content, so I’ve found some better examples that seem similar to Z Magazine:

Energy Journal
Financial Analysts Journal
PC Magazine

Would you explain the difference between these journals and Z Magazine?

I don’t need Z Magazine to be added to the A-to-Z list, because we’re not sticking with online access, but I need to understand the rationale. I’ll post when I have a response.

Update 4/12/07, 11:30 a.m.: Response from EBSCO:

Thank you for the additional information on the titles you have listed. I am sending a service issue to our Content Team to disassociate the titles… from EJS. These titles passwords cannot be shared and they cannot be IP authenticated, therefore, they cannot be accessed via EJS.

Very interesting. My head is still swimming, because it’s hard to fathom (no pun intended) that there wouldn’t be an EBSCO link for a resource we pay for through EBSCO. But that’s just a rule I made up because we’ve been doing this for a while and it’s the first time it’s come up.

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