Problems with publisher changes

When we return a subscription to print format, it’s because the online access was inappropriate for an institution of our size. It may be for a smaller audience, or not allow IP authentication. Generally, we discover these when we confirm access to titles that have switched from print to online access.

Today’s problem is a little different. Africa Confidential went online last year. It was a Blackwell title that’s been working fine. A troubleshooting report this afternoon led me to discover that the publisher had changed to Asempa. And the Asempa access we were switched to at the beginning of 2007 is not appropriate for our institution. In fact, none of the Asempa access models fit our authentication and price requirements.

So we went from IP authentication to a no IP/single-concurrent user/no password sharing subscription. My recommendation is to return it to print, due to what would be a significant increase in price to change it to the most appropriate access for our institution.

The most important lesson from this is that we are reminded to confirm our subscription’s access model (e.g. IP authentication) when the journal changes publishers or platforms as well as when the subscription first switches from print to online.

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