IEEE access

Have you had any problems accessing IEEE titles?

I ask because, for the third time this year, we’ve discovered that we don’t have access to a title in our subscription. We subscribe to the IEEE Proceedings Order Plans (POP) and IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP). In February, someone discovered we couldn’t get into the Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Information; two weeks ago someone noticed a problem accessing an IROS title; and yesterday I got a report about an error accessing IEEE Transactions on Communications. The error message always reads:

The content you requested is not included in your subscription.

The content you requested is not included in your subscription.

But it is included in either our POP or ASPP subscriptions. And the error page may even be preceded by a page that indicates we have access. The first two problems were resolved in a week or two without any action on our end (no registration needed, no confirmation about the renewal, etc.), so I doubt the problem is isolated to our subscription. Has anyone experienced something similar with this resource?

In informing the publisher of the third problem, I pointed out that it seems to be a recurring problem. I asked them to apply to the rest of our titles the correction or update they used to resolve the other problems.

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