Ingenta and trusted/untrusted claims

When registering for Ingenta access, you enter an activation code for the title. This code is then sent to the publisher for authorization. In the meantime, the title appears on a list called “Current Subscription Activation Requests.” You may have noticed here that under the details for each title there is a section called “Claim type.” A claim may be trusted or untrusted. What does this mean?

According to an Ingenta rep, the distinction is that

A trusted claim is where it is the publishers policy to have access enabled for a requesting site while they verify the original request. An untrusted claim is one where no access is granted until the verification has been completed with a favorable outcome.

Most publishers use the latter practice.

So it’s only Ingenta’s note pertaining to whether they can provide access prior to registration confirmation. Interesting choice of words, “trusted” and “untrusted”. They make sense once you know what they stand for, but it could be made more clear.

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