Year 2

It’s week 53: a full year since our serials group met to redistribute workflow around e-resources, and I took on responsibility for troubleshooting and took over registration of our online-in-2006 list. That week, I started tracking my activities on paper. I still do, and I use this blog to elaborate on larger issues I want to explore, track, and discuss with others.

Here’s something from my first notebook entries:

Week 1 — May 23 – 26, 2006
– mtg to delegate/reassign tasks; announcement of my role
– added publisher column [to online-in-2006 list] (copied and pasted from A-to-Z EJS list)
– formed plan for continuing to update list (including eventual sort by publisher as a possible approach to working to solve problems and fill in gaps)
– fielded several questions about e-resources; received and saved updates from colleagues in email; started evolving list of contacts for problems I can’t resolve
– signed up for four online EBSCO training sessions in June

And from last week:

Week 52 — May 14 – 18, 2007
– Journal of Forensic Sciences (ASTM) problem resolution; shared with Dana [Medical Library staff]
– attended follow-up libraries-wide meeting about consultants’ report
– followed up with Ambio about access problems; posted comment to ERIL listserv
– troubleshooting reports

A lot has changed since last May, and there’s more work than ever. It will be interesting to see what year two brings as we consider the consultants’ recommendations and once again redistribute the workflow around e-resources. Some things don’t change.

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