Phantom Factiva full-text & a lesson

Here’s a head scratcher:

Last month a reference librarian reported that Oil & Gas Journal is no longer available in full-text in Factiva. I saw for myself and removed the links from the A-to-Z list and our catalog. As sometimes happens, I removed the link after EBSCO prepared our MARC load so the Factiva link was included in this month’s MARC load.

On a whim, I checked the access to this journal via Factiva… and there was a full-text link. So it’s back. I accessed several articles. I saw that it has a 1-2 month embargo. There was also the abstracts-only link to the journal, but there was definitely full-text access.

I contacted Factiva for further information (is it back for good?). A rep replied and asked for additional information, because he couldn’t find Oil & Gas Journal in full-text. I went back to the site to make a screenshot for him… and it’s gone.

Now I’m really confused.

Lesson: make screenshots a routine part of reporting problems.

Update 6/8/07: Another lesson: remember whether you wrote “and” or “&”. Yup, it was the difference of the ampersand. Using “and” gets the abstract and full-text listings; using “&” gets only the abstracts. The Factiva rep said he’d “see if they can get the ‘&’ added as a source alias.” It’s small but important: how often do patrons miss a resource by not trying both “&” and “and”?

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