Very Competitious

Unrelated to e-resource management:

I’ve noticed that people are linking to eresourcejournal through a couple sites where my URL is listed as well social bookmarking sites (like, but tonight someone added me to a social bookmarking site I’ve never heard of. And it amuses me.

It’s called Competitious (Beta). From what I gather, it’s like for tracking your competition. Whose competition am I? Probably no one’s. I’m more interested in learning how this person uses Competitious.

I regularly reference a course I took in college with Jackie Goss called Art & the Internet. Competitious is something that we would have talked about. People can get fantastically creative with things like this (Many Eyes is a great example). It looks like a useful tool for comparing site traffic, among other things. I wonder if anyone’s using it to compare traffic between presidential candidates’ campaign sites. (Probably yes, the campaign staff.)

OK, I’m a little curious to know who I’m being compared to. I’d like to read those sites/blogs. (Please, user with a URL ending in /project/4200/competitor/24161, what sites do you compare eresourcejournal to? I’d like to connect with similar bloggers.)

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