Where’s my MARC?

In December I stumbled upon an EBSCO record that was behaving oddly. Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association had a single listing in the Title Wizard and (as it follows) the A-to-Z list. However, this single Title Wizard record was prompting the MARC load to put two different records in our catalog (one with Academic Search Premier, EJS, and Expanded Academic ASAP; another with only the InfoTrac link).

After a couple months of back-and-forth with one of the EBSCO reps in which many of their attempts failed to resolve the problem, they determined that “the title in question has two different resource IDs for that title.” I’ve see titles that have two different resource IDs, but they also have two different publishers. In this case, EBSCO pointed out that the titles are exactly the same, which is why there was only one record in the Title Wizard. (Still, why the two MARC records?)

Today I noticed that our most recent batch of MARC records arrived with just one bib record for this journal. Hooray! No. Not hooray. It’s that record with the lone InfoTrac link.

So where’s the rest of my MARC?

This morning I emailed the EBSCO rep to bring him up-to-speed on this latest development, and ask him if the other three links can be included in the next MARC record. I’ll post his reply when I receive it. Until then if our patrons use the A-to-Z list, they’ll get all four links; if they use the catalog, they’ll only see InfoTrac.

Update 6/19/07: The EBSCO rep confirmed that (because of the nature of this particular record) there have to be two MARC records for the title, even though there is only one A-to-Z record. So what made the second record disappear along with three of our links? It seems to have been included in the MARC load, but didn’t show up in the catalog. I’ve asked a colleague in systems to keep an eye out for it (ebs42944e) in the next load.

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