Automatic IP recognition

Publishers that offer IP authentication are generally able to allow seamless, automatic IP recognition. The exceptions that I’ve come across are the sites for the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and the Journal of Hydraulic Research. Both publishers require users to click a link in order for the site to compare the IP address to the approved ranges.

I added End User Access Notes in the EBSCO Registration Tracker tool that direct patrons where to click for access on the publisher’s site. However, we can’t always count on patrons to notice those notes. Automatic IP authentication would be much better. Both publishers told me last summer that they were working on it (in fact, at this time last year NCTE had barely switched from password-only authentication).

Earlier this month someone posted a message about the NCTE access to the ERIL listserv. Last week, another of our patrons had a problem accessing the subscription because of this extra step. These were signs that it was a good time for me to follow up with NCTE. The rep replied that:

we do not currently have this capability. We are however working towards this and hope to offer it later this Summer.

I follow up with the Journal of Hydraulic Research folks every few months, and they haven’t implemented the process yet either.

I decided to remove the direct links to the publisher’s site in our catalog and A-to-Z list until each publisher offers automatic IP recognition; that way, patrons can’t help but get the instructions I added in Registration Tracker (they only show up in EBSCOhost EJS links).

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