You can’t activate that in Title Wizard

Today a colleague asked that the Journal of Information Ethics be added to the A-to-Z list and catalog. We have access through the Library Literature and Information Science Full Text database. I looked in the electronic journals index and expected to see the package listed (minus this title), but I didn’t see it at all. Why not turn it all on?

I searched for the package in Vendor Selection and Package Selection but nothing came up, which seemed very strange. I called EBSCO and a rep confirmed that this package isn’t listed. So how do I turn it on?

The rep pointed out the round, blue icon next to the journal title in Title Wizard. A filled-in blue circle means that subscribers have access to all content and activate all the links with one click (the half-filled circle that indicates partial access that may vary by library; the empty circle means titles must be turned on individually). Even though there’s a filled-in blue circle next to the link I wanted, it wasn’t listed in the Package Selection. However, I can still take advantage of the power of the filled-in icon: by adding this provider for just one title, the complete package is added to the A-to-Z list. Here’s how:

    1. I activated the link for that one title,
    2. downloaded a complete list (45,000+ titles) of our managed resources,
    3. deleted all the rows except the column headings and the one journal I knew was in the package (Journal of Information Ethics),
    4. saved and uploaded that two-row .txt file.

It’s not as fast or simple as checking a single box in the Title Wizard, but still pretty cool: less than 45 minutes later, all 147 titles in the database were listed in our A-to-Z list.

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