Informaworld maintenance, August 4-5

Dear account administrator,

A period of maintenance is scheduled over the weekend 4th-5th August. This may cause the informaworld site to perform less quickly than usual. The maintenance has been scheduled over the weekend to minimise its impact, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused to you or your library users.

Yours faithfully,

informaworld support

When the library receives these messages, how should we distribute them? We need a standard for making these announcements (not here; we need to push it to users). I wonder if ERMs have a built-in calendar system that would handle these: enter in the dates from the email and a message appears when users select the resource through that time period.

I’ll bet that no single person at our library receives all of the messages about expected service outages. Perhaps we should use a dummy address or the listserv address for our administrator contact information so that a group of people is certain to get all of the announcements and then we can distribute the information.

“Yours faithfully”… now I’ll have Journey in my head all day.

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