Where’s my result?

I once opened a Word document that indicated I was reading “Page 2 of 1.” This is kind of like that:

Where’s the Review of Educational Research?

A search for Review of Educational Research finds one result, but doesn’t list it (there should be a Factiva link). Why isn’t this appearing?

I sent this screenshot to EBSCO and let them know that we have the link turned on in Title Wizard, the MARC record doesn’t have any problems, and this title isn’t listed in our Content Exclusion. Those are the only places I could think to check.

It’s likely just a strange glitch, or maybe it’s a bigger problem. I’ve never seen this happen before, and I’m curious what the explanation is.

Update 8/7/07: According to the EBSCO rep who resolved this, it “appears to have been an association issue.” I’ll need a definition for that.

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