Mysterious MARC record

On the heels of last week’s missing search result comes a new and opposite problem: a MARC record is appearing in our catalog that seems to be coming from nowhere.

Health Records is a title available through LexisNexis. However, it’s citation-only, not full-text. So we don’t want it. And strangely, there’s no LexisNexis option listed in the Title Wizard. Not a single resource for this title is turned on in Title Wizard. And we haven’t included it in our Custom Resource list.

I have no idea how this is appearing. I’ve sent screenshots to EBSCO and asked for an explanation along with the record’s permanent removal. Maybe it’s another “association issue.” (I still need to get that defined.)

Update 8/13/07: Sometimes the simplest answer is the right answer. In this case, LexisNexis removed the title after we received our MARC record. When the question came up, the catalog record was outdated, but the Title Wizard was up-to-date. If we had waited (or if it had gone unnoticed) the record would have been automatically removed when the next MARC records arrive, but I already deleted it. To be sure, I’ll check that it doesn’t arrive in the next MARC load.

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