Remove this book?

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Just saw this on COLLIB. Cambridge University Press has stopped distributing the book “Alms for Jihad” because they learned the “defamatory allegations” against the Sheikh Khalid Bin Mahfouz are based on incorrect information. They’ve sent emails to libraries asking that “this book be removed from your collection unless the enclosed Errata Sheet is attached inside the front cover. We are not planning to issue any future, corrected, editions. Your cooperation is appreciated.”

(Uh, add the errata sheet and keep that book on the shelf. Even mistakes are important to preserve. Right?)

Of course this made me think about what would happen if this were a journal article. I guess things like LOCKSS and CLOCKSS would preserve the original version (albeit erroneous), but would the publishers pull, rewrite, or add errata to the article? And would we ever know?

I know I’ve heard about corrected or revised articles online (library school?), but my workflow leaves me removed from such issues. This will be interesting to follow.

Update 8/15/07: ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom posted a statement on their blog.

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