When will coverage roll?

One of our titles has rolling access: current plus 2 years rolling. The 2007 issue hasn’t come out yet, but EBSCO’s already removed our access to the 2004 issue.

I asked why and learned that this particular publisher’s model “is not based upon the availability of content”. Because it’s 2007, our access is 2007 + 2006 and 2005.

But DO some publishers base their models upon the available content? I asked the EBSCO rep, who replied:

The Publisher Models are not based upon the availability of content but are based on the calendar year. There are instances where the publisher may allow increased access to customers via the publisher’s site due to the lack of content. However, subscribed coverage is determined by the Publisher Model for titles on EJS which is based on our agreement with the publisher.

We have many subscriptions that are on a rolling access model, so this is good to know for future questions.

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