Wiki to share subscription information

There’s been a huge response to a recent post on the ERIL-L listserv requesting publishers’ e-journal information. A librarian at a university that is about to make the switch to online only asked if anyone has already done the work to find out if full-text matches the print version, if the publisher provides perpetual access after cancellation, and if the publisher participates in a long-term access initiative like LOCKSS or Portico.

The first person to offer to share her homemade spreadsheet of that information received about 30 responses on the list alone (I emailed her off-list) asking for a copy of the spreadsheet. Given the interest in her information, it sounds like the information that many of us have from our vendors/publishers aren’t cutting it. I suggested that

At the risk of duplicating the work that we’re paying other people for (like EBSCO’s Access and Authentication information), is this something that this community should share and edit, perhaps in wiki form?

The idea was well received, and the people who run the ER&L website have offered to host the wiki; I think it’s a good idea to have it on a non-institutional website. When it’s ready, the URL for the wiki will be posted at

Update 9/6/2007: In the meantime, here’s the Eastern Kentucky University spreadsheet.

Update 9/10/2007: The Electronic Libraries wiki now includes the Publishers’ Perpetual Access Information spreadsheet. See Bonnie’s post for more information and the URL.

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