Another reason to return to single records

I learned from a colleague today that the subject headings for our e-resource records (which we receive from EBSCO and are updated monthly) do not always match the subject headings in the corresponding print record.

It didn’t take long to find examples:

    Dance Magazine: one uses Dance– Periodicals and the other uses Dancing– Periodicals
    International Journal of Marketing Research: both use Marketing research– Periodicals, but print also lists Marketing– Periodicals
    Qualitative Social Work: both list similar subject headings, but only one uses the heading Social Work– Periodicals

This seems like another good reason to go back to single records for periodicals. I’m still thinking a lot about the idea I read in Serials Review to link from the catalog to the A-to-Z list, rather than directly to the resources. I think it would be a lot easier to push information to the user on the A-to-Z list than in the catalog, and we would eliminate the varying subject headings by using one record, one set of headings.

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