More accurate managed coverage

This spring I had some problems using text in custom coverage (to indicate months). I came across this when working on a problem with the Harvard Business Review. It was apparently resolved in June, but over the summer I saw that the MARC record arrived without my custom begin date. I checked my custom coverage dates (all good) and waited. Now I’ve noticed that the MARC record was updated with my custom begin date… but without my custom end date.

I was about to revisit the problem with the EBSCO rep I’d been working with in the spring, and then I realized that because our access to this title is entirely through Gale databases, I don’t need to use custom coverage: everyone’s access is the same, so it’s the managed coverage that should be updated.

This end date is important to specify. Currently, EBSCO’s managed coverage for the title states 1997-2000.* Patrons presume that means all of 2000 is available in full text; however, that’s not the case, and it’s led to confusion and several queries from our patrons. Full text ends in May 2000, and that’s what I’ve asked EBSCO to indicate in their managed coverage end date.

EBSCO’s Content Team can make these changes very quickly. I’ve asked them to do several in the past, and sometimes (because we have a subscription and they don’t) they’ve asked me to send them screenshots of the resource in question to prove the coverage.

*To add to the confusion, somewhere in the middle of all of this the coverage changed from 1997-2005 to 1997-2000.

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