EBSCO enhancement

EBSCO’s enhancement over the weekend included a few changes I really like:

– The reader site now defaults to show 50 titles per page (the old default was 100 titles). Libraries have always been able to adjust this number, but many of us never did.

– EBSCOhost EJS was renamed E-Journals from EBSCO. (Hooray for plain English!)

– There’s an image of the journal cover in the EBSCO record with a link to the publisher’s site. It’s part of every level of the EBSCO record, so there’s always an option present to go to the publisher’s site.

– Expanding the volume tree is faster and easier because the page no longer reloads and kicks you to the top of the screen.

But, by nature of the fact that they changed their interface, I eventually have to update all of the screenshots on our department’s website. It’ll be worth the effort.

I’m curious about what other changes were included in this enhancement (visible and behind-the-scenes), so I contacted EBSCO to find out if there’s some sort of overview. I couldn’t find anything on their website, and I’m not sure they even publicize that stuff.

Update 10/9/2007: While I was communicating with an EBSCO rep about these new enhancements, I noticed that the changes to the EBSCO records’ interface (journal image, easier browsing) were no longer there and the record had reverted to its old format and features. The rep explained:

Since your E-Journals content was not being protected by the TOC browsing and you all did not have authentication setup on A-to-Z the feature was automatically disabled to protect content. If authentication into A-to-Z is activated then TOC browsing on A-to-Z would be shown again. We are working another solution other than reverting back to EJS but for the time being that is our only option without authentication. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

To see the enhancements again, we’ll have to go into the A-to-Z administrative site and require authentication (probably by IP range) to view the A-to-Z site.

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