October 2007

Lots of exciting things happened and are happening this month. The University Libraries’ Technical Services Working Group started meeting (my colleagues and I are examining tech services activities and workflows to identify ways to streamline work and better serve patrons), and I was invited to join the Discovery and Delivery Council. (Both committees follow up on the recommendations of the consultants’ visit and report.) My article in Library Student Journal is out. I’ve just learned that a search committee was formed for the director of collection management services position.

That last item prompted me to write today because it included the news that the title of the department head will change to “Director of Information Resources Management,” although our department will remain Collection Management Services. Why? I don’t know, but I hope the name change will extend to the department someday. I don’t see any real difference between Information Resources Management and Collection Management Services (“management” cancels out “management”; “information resources” is the new way to say “collection”), but perhaps the distinction will be more apparent to me when the job description is posted.

Also in my inbox were several new job postings for e-resource positions at other colleges and universities. I must have collected over 50 of them so far. (I really should start examining and comparing the job descriptions before my folder gets much thicker, or else my side project will become too daunting a task.)

As I read all the different titles that libraries are giving these new positions, I thought about how my library is renaming the director of collection management services position. It seems to stand out even more to me, seeing that we’re also embracing the trend of redefining technical services positions. We’ve known that this job description would be reevaluated and rewritten before it was posted. It’s also another indication that things are starting to roll around here. Just like the formation of the working group and the council, the new title shows that we’ve reached the stage where we can make significant changes.

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