EBSCO enhancement: where are end user access notes?

I use end user access notes to clarify problems or weirdness with our EBSCO or publisher access. I haven’t had to deal with any since September’s enhancements were released, and it wasn’t until today that I thought to check to see how they were incorporated into the new interface. Unfortunately, the notes aren’t there.

They’re missing from the EBSCO record and from the top of the new window that opens when you select the publisher’s site link from the EBSCO record. I’ve contacted the same EBSCO rep I was in touch with about the enhancement.

Update: The EBSCO rep said that notes should be entered using the “Notes and Icons” and “Collection Editor” features in the A-to-Z administrator. I’ve only recently become familiar with these options, and I’m excited to have a reason to use them. The notes in Collection Editor will be much more useful than the End User Access Notes (which we were advised to stop using) because they can be applied to any resource in the A-to-Z list, not just the EBSCO subscriptions (which were the only thing listed in the Registration Tracker).

I asked if the notes will appear in our MARC records. It would seem that they could, because the custom coverage information is obtained from the same area and does appear in the MARC. But I remember asking about this earlier and learning that the notes won’t appear in the catalog records. If this is the case, it’s another reason to direct patrons from the catalog to the A-to-Z list.

Update 10/24/07: The EBSCO rep replied:

It is not possible for these notes to be included on the MARC records provided by A-to-Z.

I am so ready to advocate for a single-record approach. We should direct users to the A-to-Z list (where this information exists) from the catalog rather than trying to duplicate the information in the catalog.

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