Classed as monographs

A few e-journal troubleshooting reports over the past few weeks have the same problem in common: the leader is coded as a monograph. Patrons are unable to find these journals in the catalog because they don’t show up in a Journal Title search.

I contacted EBSCO about this and they changed the bibliographic level. The next time we receive the record, it will be correct. In the meantime, I made the adjustment to the leader.

I’m not sure why this is happening: if it’s a recent error, if it impacted more titles… So far, I’ve noticed three titles with incorrect leaders:

Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Biological Psychiatry
Applied Spectroscopy

A colleague in systems is going to run a report for me to find more.

Update 11/15/07: The report identified almost 100 EBSCO records that are coded as monographs. Another colleague reviewed the list and told me which ones are definitely serials, and I forwarded her short list to EBSCO.

As we reviewed the remaining titles which are coded as monographs, she wondered if EBSCO is sending them coded as I for integrated resources: maybe Voyager can’t accommodate I and changes it to M. I emailed EBSCO a couple of titles that we’re keeping coded M and asking if the leader they send has an I or M. (Further confusing the situation: my Voyager Cataloging view doesn’t give me an option for integrated resources, but my colleague’s does.)

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