Statistics updated

November’s statistics are now included in the graphs on the statistics page.

I’ve been reporting to my boss (but not including in my charts) the number of problems resolved vs. the number of problems left unresolved at the end of the month. I had decided not to create a chart because it seems like an arbitrary measurement: an unresolved problem that was reported on the first of the month is more of an issue than one reported on the 31st.

I also haven’t been tracking those then-unresolved problems to see if they’ve ever been resolved. Here’s a quick look:

Oldest ongoing problem: August 9, 2006
Number of ongoing problems as of today: approximately 32, representing 26 unique titles

To date I’ve tracked 242 total incidents, so those 32 unresolved problems mean that 13% of troubleshooting reports have not been resolved since June 2006. (Eleven, or 34%, have been pending for 12 months or more.)

It would be nicer to have that those numbers closer to 0%. Would another person or two tending to problems help bring the percentages down?

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