No months in managed coverage

I received an email last week about a patron trying to access an article that was only available as an abstract. The A-to-Z list indicated that the Gale coverage for the Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management is 2000-2006. The patron requested an article from July 2006 and couldn’t get full-text. It turns out that the coverage ended with the March 2006 issue, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that from the A-to-Z list.

I noticed, though, that the catalog record included the dates (“2000-06 – 2006-03”), so I asked EBSCO why the months weren’t included in the A-to-Z list. I thought the A-to-Z list fed the MARC records.

The rep who replied set me straight: the MARC information comes from their content database, but the A-to-Z list “is not currently setup to allow for showing the month with managed coverage. We may do this in the future once we have completed future enhancements to the way that we handle content.”

Since there was nothing EBSCO could do to add the months, I used the Custom Coverage feature to do it myself. This screenshot of the Collection Editor shows the format for managed coverage (highlighted) and the information I entered to more accurately describe our holdings.

no months in A-to-Z managed coverage

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