Sharing eResource duties

I am eager to read the responses to a message posted on ERIL today. Kelly Smith at EKU asked how libraries with more than one librarian working on electronic resources are dividing the work. I spoke with colleagues about this topic yesterday, and I wondered aloud who at these libraries advertising for e-resource librarian positions is handling the remaining print subscriptions. I look forward to the replies on the list.

If you work with e-resources and do not subscribe to ERIL, I encourage you to sign up. Then search the archives for the title of the message, “Sharing eResource duties”.


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  1. kelly Says:

    And those of you who want to reply, please do so *to the ERIL list*! So that we can have a conversation, rather than me just posting a bunch of random comments (which I will do, by the way, because several people replied to me off-list).

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