Statistics updated

December’s statistics are added to the statistics page. Comparing six months of 2006 statistics to a full year of 2007 statistics, it’s easy to see how faster I’m able to resolve problems. It wasn’t until December 2006 that I could close a troubleshooting report in under two days; last year the average (of my average) was two days.

This is primarily an indication that I’m able to recognize how to resolve most queries right off the bat; it is not an indication that things are getting easier. My inbox is still full of unread messages relating to resolutions, and messages I’ve read by may not have acted on. I have not comprehensively or systematically followed up on previously unresolved problems (a mix of loose ends and continuing problems).

I was in a meeting last month with colleagues from our medical library who work with e-resource, and we talked a little about the statistics that we keep. I realize I should reevaluate the types of data I gather because it doesn’t give an accurate picture of the work that is involved in e-resource management. Seeing how long it takes (on average) to resolve a problem doesn’t show how many emails were sent, how many hours were spent, or how many times I wanted to pull my hair out (that would be an interesting chart).

(At some point I would like to at least streamline my classification of problems and resolutions to better identify how many problems are due to inappropriate subscriptions, inaccurate holdings, etc. I’ve been working on it slowly, but there’s more to be done.)

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