CASPUR needs to disappear like a ghost

Any other EBSCO MARC customers noticing a whole slew of CASPUR references in their catalogs where there should be E-Journals from EBSCO?

I notified EBSCO as soon as heard about this but haven’t received any information or explanation yet. I searched our catalog for clues:

Number of e-journal records with “Available in E-Journals from EBSCO” = 0 (Uh-oh.)

Number of e-journal records with “” = 2548 (Okay, they’re there, but…)

Number of e-journal records with “Available in CASPUR”= 2548 (… they’re called CASPUR. Grrrr.)

CASPUR has replaced the appropriate E-Journals from EBSCO information in these records’ 773 and 856 fields. The URL in the 856 is still

On top of the misidentification, there’s an access problem: even though the links go to the EBSCO records, the EBSCO links aren’t working. Looking back at some earlier, unrelated emails and printouts with catalog records, it seems that CASPURs appear in the last two MARC loads. The A-to-Z list still says E-Journals from EBSCO, but the access is still messed up.

I’m tagging this with “driving me nuts” not because I can’t figure out the problem (I’m betting it all lies with EBSCO, and is therefor out of my hands) but because it is so widespread and problematic. It’s really driving us all nuts.

Update 2/7/08: A rep at EBSCO was able to correct the problem. He sent us a new file and my colleague in systems loaded the MARC records yesterday. No more CASPUR. No more CASPUR jokes. No explanation, either.

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