Is it IP authenticated?

We received an email with a password to online subscription for Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology. EBSCO’s Access and Registration “Authentication” notes indicates they have IP authentication, so I wondered whether I needed to complete registration.

I went to the website and tried to access an article. I was brought to a page asking me to log in, so I used the password from the email. Once in, I couldn’t find any administrative section to add our IP ranges or any explanation of online access. I could access articles when I was logged in but not after I logged out, so EBSCO’s information may be inaccurate: it seems like password-authenticated access.

Strangely, our acquisitions module says online access was confirmed in 2007. Is this a different site? What was the purpose of the email containing a password? Was EBSCO’s information accurate at one point but no longer?

I replied to that email but it bounced back (must be outgoing-only), so I resent the message to an address I found on the website. I also wrote to my EBSCO customer service representative. If this situation is another case of their information being wrong, I’m glad to help them fix it by bringing it to their attention.

There have been many complaints on SERIALST in the last few days about EBSCO. I was pleased to read Pat Thompson’s response, and I concur that the complaints and corrections I send to EBSCO are usually handled very quickly by our CSR and the entire EAMS feedback team. It’s easy to get frustrated at times like these when the information I rely on is outdated and inaccurate (it may lead me to make inappropriate decisions and/or waste a lot of time), so I look forward to EBSCO’s continued improvement. I do feel they listen to their customers. But sometimes it seems that I’ve spent all day emailing them: it’s as though I’m an embedded EBSCO liaison.

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