Statistics updated

This month’s statistics show how busy it’s been. Not only is this the first time that the mode days taken to resolve a problem is higher than the average, it’s the third time that unresolved problems outnumber resolved problems. That’s not a statistic I’ve made into a graph (I think it seems somewhat arbitrary), so I’ll give a little recap of the months with the lowest response rate:

  • 8/06: 14 reports (9 ongoing)
  • 6/07: 9 reports (5 ongoing)
  • 1/08: 16 reports (11 ongoing)

Three is also the number of times we’ve ended the month with all that months problems resolved (pay no attention to the earlier, ongoing problems):

  • 7/06: 9 reports (0 ongoing)
  • 8/07: 6 reports (0 ongoing)
  • 9/07: 6 reports (0 ongoing)

Anyway, January 2008 was a busy month and today’s been a busy day. I’ve only really done four things all day: an IP authentication question, a registration problem, a switch to online-only, and these statistics. When I put it that way it sounds like nothing, an easy job, but the intricacies of each task compounded make for one hectic day. Usually I’m too busy to remember everything I’ve done in a day.

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