New EBSCO interface

EBSCOhost announced that their new interface will be available in July 2008. I watched the Flash demo of the new design, and there are some great features.

– I particularly like that the results list includes thumbnails of images from the document. It will be great to know up-front whether an article has charts or an illustrations.

– Results can be limited to a range of dates using a slider bar. It reminds me of, which I love using.

– Articles can be previewed by hovering over an icon in the results list (like

– The folder feature has improved, allowing you to preview the contents from the results screen.

I use EBSCOhost infrequently because of the nature of my current responsibilities, but I am pleased with the new interface. It’s not so different from the current design that it will frustrate users, and the added features imitate some of the best things on the web (it’ll be familiar to a lot of users).

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