It’s been one year

I am going through piles and folders of emails, spreadsheets, and notes from projects past. Started with earnest and abandoned the minute something more important came along, they have gathered sneeze-inducing amounts of dust.

Organizing backlogThe desk beside me is strewn with papers which I am assembling into new piles marked “to revisit,” “to be resolved,” and “resolved”; the rest is being filed or recycled. It’s disappointing to see so many notes and printouts fill my recycling bin. Many of them make no sense to me anymore: a title on a scrap of paper with no details, or a note to email our reps at EBSCO (which I do so frequently that I don’t write it down anymore).

I have a pretty good sixth sense, and no warning bells are going off in my head as I discard half of this pile. My goal was to locate my notes on a few major (abandoned) projects, and I’ve done that. There is momentum gaining around the idea of adding e-resources to my colleagues’ workflows, and these are the projects that need to be revisited as soon as we add that capacity.

I was reviewing posts related to these projects when I saw my first one. I didn’t realize until today that February 26 marked the first anniversary of this blog. It’s a somewhat arbitrary date, and there might be more significant milestones in my work with e-resources. What is significant about these past 12 months in particular are the connections I’ve made with serialists around the country because of this site. My goals were to track my experiences and to discuss issues with other serialists. I’m fairly satisfied with the blog as a tool for storing information and communicating with colleagues. I’ll definitely consider improving the storage/searching of old posts (maybe tags?), and I look forward to making more serials connections and finding other bloggers to follow.

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