License details now in EBSCONET

While looking for something completely separate, I found a press release dated 2/28/08 that says EBSCONET now provides detailed license information.

“… the new license details feature provides instant answers to commonly asked questions as well as dozens more not so common. For example, librarians can now obtain information regarding publishers’ policies on perpetual access and learn whether they can access a journal via their library’s proxy server.”

At first I was confused, because EBSCONET’s Access and Registration information already includes perpetual access and proxy information. What’s the difference?

The new License Details includes different information: indemnification, ILL rules, and links to the file of the license. This comes straight from the publisher’s standard license. Presumably, Access and Registration information also comes straight from the license; however, I often find that information to be inaccurate (either outdated or not correct to begin with).

Also, the top of the License Details page clarifies that, “Your institution may have negotiated unique terms in your license agreement.” So, not only might the information be outdated or wrong because of publisher/EBSCO miscommunication, it may not be accurate because of our own changes.

At least the license information is right there in front of us, and accessible for examining online subscriptions in advance of purchase. This resource doesn’t stand alone: it should be used in conjunction with Access and Registration and our own signed license.

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